Finally, hola 2017!

Cheers! It’s finally 2017!

I really am so happy that I can finally say goodbye to 2016 already. It had been such a crazy year. You may disagree with me on this, but I find that most of us, when asked to think about the “defining moments” of 2016, tend remember the bad ones first. I, personally, am guilty of this. However, despite those memories, we should still keep in mind that 2016 was not all that bad. There will always be a thousand and more reasons to still be thankful and be able to look back on 2016 with a smile and a happy heart.

Normally, I would be rambling on about my plans for the following year, but right now I feel like looking back first before anything else.

So what happened the past year?

  • I interned, and was faced with the big question of what path I wanted to take on after graduating. Honestly, I still do not have an answer even after all those nights of trying to figure it out.
  • I got sucked into the KDrama addiction. Definitely not complaining!
  • I met and interacted with people I wish I had in my life sooner. At the same time, I realized that there are some that are better off let go.
  • I had the privilege of living with the Aetas from Tarlac for 3 days, an eye-opening and humbling experience where I got to interact with a lot of incredible and loving people.
  • I experienced failure and had the opportunity of really testing and pushing myself to get back up and prove everyone wrong. (Spoiler alert: I did.)

I also feel like doing a round up of the things that made me happy in 2016. Let’s surround ourselves with the positive, people!


  • Colourpop Lippie Stix in Brink
  • Maybelline HyperSharp Wing Eyeliner
  • Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara
  • Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Colour in RD103
  • AOA Wonder Blender


  • Kimi no Na wa
  • The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
  • Me Before You
  • Train to Busan

TV Shows

  • Pinnochio (Kdrama)
  • Healer (Kdrama)
  • Orange (Anime)
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Kamisama Hajimemashita (Anime)


  • Zoella
  • Titan Tyra
  • Kathleenlights
  • Jess and Gabriel
  • Leslie Castillo


  • Kumori
  • Silantro
  • The Chippery
  • Amare by Chef Chris
  • Spanglish

That’s all I could think of right now, and time check: it’s 2:39AM.

Also, to be honest, I have not thought of my plans for 2017 yet. I have been such a bum lately, but I would probably share it here as well.

Anyway, I hope you had (or will have) a great time celebrating the new year with your loved ones! Happy 2017!

PRODUCT REVIEW: Biorè Cleansing Oil

My last post here was a review about Biorè’s Micellar Water. My experience with it was okay. It did not really cause me any breakouts; however, I felt that it was rather too mild for the makeup I use everyday. Every night, I always find myself struggling and using up a lot of cotton balls just to remove my makeup. Of course, this also involved a lot of tugging and pulling that aren’t really good for my skin. After a while of finally realizing that my makeup is too stubborn for micellar water, I decided to switch to an oil-based makeup remover.

I initially wanted to try the Celeteque one; however, Watsons does not offer it anymore as an individual item. To be able to avail of their makeup remover, you have to either buy around P700 worth of their makeup where you would get the makeup remover as a freebie, or buy a set that includes the makeup remover and their other skincare products.

Because of that, I found myself getting another Biorè product again; this time its Cleansing Oil. It claims to instantly dissolve stubborn makeup and even waterproof mascara, as you can see from the packaging.


I have been using it for a month already, and I have to say that I am really impressed by the product. It suits my skin well as, so far, it has not caused me any breakouts yet despite the oil. It also lasts longer than the micellar water; 1 (sometimes even half) pump of the product is already enough for me to remove all my makeup, including my waterproof mascara (I use Maybelline’s Lash Sensational mascara by the way). Despite it being a month already, I have not used up even a third of the product yet, as you can see in the image above.

Please note that because it is oil-based, you have to rinse it with water and then use another cleanser to remove the oil thoroughly.

This really is a pretty decent product especially considering that it is relatively cheaper than the other makeup removers you could find.

If, from your experience, you see that their micellar water is not enough for your everyday makeup, you could consider getting this instead.

PRODUCT REVIEW: Biorè Micellar Cleansing Water


I am not really sure where I first heard about this but I have heard that this was a good and well-known brand, especially now that micellar water is quite a fad these days in the beauty world. When I first saw this in Watson’s, I was ecstatic because I really wanted to add a makeup remover to my skincare routine and try the infamous micellar water. The best part though is that this one only costs P180!

According to the packaging, Biorè Micellar Cleansing Water:

  • Contains natural mineral water from japanese alps
  • Effectively removes makeup without clogging pores
  • Is non-rinse
  • Is clinically-proven to be gentle and non-comodogenic
  • Lifts off more makeup in 1 wipe, and;
  • Is light and refreshing

I have been using this product for more or less 3 weeks already, and it is only tonight that I feel I have used it to its full potential. I will tell you already that I am very lazy when it comes to removing makeup. Before I started using this product, I did not really use any makeup remover, aside from the one month I tried using Human Nature’s sunflower oil. I just relied on my AcneWin soap bar which was able to do the trick somehow at 80%.

Being the lazy me, I did not really use this product to completely remove my makeup for the 2+ weeks I have been using it. I just made sure that most of my makeup was gone and just trusted that my AcneWin soap would remove what was left on my face. When using this product, I use cotton balls simply because I do not cotton pads at home. These balls are quite small compared to pads and so it takes me a couple of balls to remove most of my makeup. Frankly, it feels like a chore for me. Maybe I should consider getting cotton pads already.

After using this product, I felt that my face was quite sticky and though it is said to be non-rinse, I felt that I still needed to wash my face with my soap bar. It was not that refreshing to me. I thought that this was because I did not really remove my makeup completely; however, tonight, it still feels the same even though I already tried completely removing my makeup.

What I like about it though is that it really removes my makeup and that it really is gentle on the skin. It does not sting even in the eye area, no matter how many times I try putting product on my face. Also, it is indeed very affordable.

Everyday Face Makeup Go-Tos

I do not really have that much in my make-up collection. I am still starting out and still learning how to put them on like a pro. Plus, I also do not have much of a budget to buy a lot of make-up at the moment, or rather, I prefer splurging on clothes instead of make-up right now, so most of the items in my make-up collection are drugstore brands.

However, when I went to the restroom upon getting home from a long day at the mall and had the chance to look at myself in the mirror, I instantly fell in love with the blush I had on then. That was also the moment I thought of writing about the face make-up products that I have grown to love so far, as I believe I am in love right now with enough products to actually have something to share.

I haven’t really tried more extravagant make-up looks so the products listed here are products that I love and use for everyday make-up.

FOUNDATION: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse 


I have been using this foundation for a long time already. I find the coverage good. It also does not leave my skin oily and it holds up until the end of the day. I find this product really impressive. I use this when I go to school and there are times that I sweat a lot. Despite that, the foundation stays and does not turn tacky and sticky. It is also very light on the skin, and is very easy to blend.

POWDER: Maybelline Mineral Compact Powdermaybelline-pure-mineral-2-ways-healthy-perfecting-uv-compact-foundation-case-po1Well, I basically use this compact powder to somehow set my make-up and to keep my face less shiny. I find that it does the job well, though I am thinking of trying other powders like Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder for the sake of exploration. The shade they have isn’t really perfect for me so I do not apply a lot of product on my face. Still a good product though! It goes well with my foundations (especially the Dream Matte Mousse) and does not leave my face cakey even after a long day. It is also mineral so it does not clog my pores.

I think this product has already been discontinued and replaced by a loose version.

CONCEALER: Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer0730852105096This is actually the first concealer I have tried and I like it so far. It is really easy to blend and is long-wearing. Just a small amount of this product could already go a long way.

BLUSH: Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Colour in RD103


Now this is what I recently just fell in love with! I put my make-up by a lamp so when I first applied this, I was actually quite unsure of it as I thought it was too much and too pink for my skin. However, it actually just leaves a subtle peachy pink color. It really looks really pretty and natural, and the best part is that it lasted the whole day when I went to the mall. I do not really know yet if it would hold up that long when I go to places that are hot or when there are times that I become sweaty though. I just love this blush so much right now!

As I am still a beginner and as I prefer simple and natural-looking make-up looks for my everyday make-up at the moment, I have not explored bronzers, contour products, and highlighters that much yet.