WHAT I ATE: Wrong Ramen

My friend has been raving about this ramen place in Burgos Circle for a while now and we finally tried it yesterday.

We went there at around noon and there weren’t enough available seats since we were 7 that time, so we had to wait. Lesson learned: Thou shall reserve seats beforehand.

Frankly, it took quite a while before we got a table that fits all of us since it was lunchtime, but my oh my, the wait was nothing once we were able to experience how right Wrong Ramen is.

Before I ordered something, I asked the waiter what their bestseller was. According to him, their bestsellers are the Tonkotsu Rich, Tantanmen, and Ebi Coco. I was torn between ordering Tonkotsu Rich and Tantanmen since I was not sure whether I prefer something spicy or not, but I eventually ordered Tonkotsu Rich when my friend ordered Tantanmen. I don’t know why, but there really is something in me that constantly pushes me to choose something different at times like that.

Some of us have also read about the offerings of Wrong Ramen beforehand and one of their desserts caught our eye: Poop of the Gods. According to their menu in the Booky app, it’s belgian chocolate with sea salt and olive oil. One of my friends also saw a photo of it on instagram and it somehow looks like you-know-what. However, when we asked about it, the waiter told us that it’s not available anymore. Sad. So much for a post-worthy dessert.

However, going back to the highlight of my Thursday, I did not regret getting the Tonkotsu Rich at all especially when I put some chili oil on it. I was really happy about my lunch and I would definitely go back to try their Tantanmen since my friend also raved about it. I heard The Communist is quite good too.

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Tonkotsu Rich (P395)

Their ramen could be shared by two people but we had a bowl each yesterday. After the meal, our bellies were very full we felt like we’re carrying something heavy in our tummies, but well, it was worth it. I am definitely not regretting having that bowl of Tonkotsu Rich all to myself.


WHAT I ATE: Salad Stop

I have been wanting to try Salad Stop for a while now thanks to the pressure of eating healthy and the people I see online raving about their salads and wraps. It was a good thing that my friend also thought of trying it out earlier. It’s as if she was able to read my mind! So we went there for lunch together with two of our friends. (Yup, salad. For lunch. Even I cannot believe I actually wanted greens for lunch.)

I ordered the Oh Crab Lah! salad (P260). I was about to have it in a wrap instead but I felt that it may be too heavy. The salad, in my opinion, could be already shared by two people. However, I was sooo hungry that time that I wanted my Oh Crab Lah all to myself.

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I loooooove this salad. It’s very yummy, plus, it is really filling, unlike most that still leave me hungry.The only downside though is the calories. I love how their menu indicates the calories for their salads and wraps. Oh Crab Lah! though is more than 600 calories. And that is just the salad. If you get it in a wrap, it’s a whopping 800+ calories! Aside from the calories, the menu also shows the ingredients for their salads. I really had no idea why this type of salad has that many calories. That is, until I already had it in my hands. This signature salad has noodles in it, and that probably is the culprit that adds a lot of calories to the meal. That aside, this salad is A+.

I guess it is safe to say that I just fell in love with this salad spot. I am game to come back to try their other (less heavy) salads. They also have different types of yogurt and muesli which I am considering bringing to work sometime.

I am quite positive that there would come a time where I would be craving for their Oh Crab Lah!. I just hope it’s not tomorrow.

WHAT I ATE: Nolita

My co-interns and I decided to eat out again for lunch earlier, and we ended up eating at Nolita at Bonifacio High Street as suggested by one of my friends. I have eaten there before already actually, though I do not remember what I ordered then.

At the time we were thinking about what to order, I really had no idea what I wanted then. I was not that hungry at that time, and I also felt that I wanted to watch what I eat. I was not also sure if spending more or less 200 bucks for a slice of pizza is worth it. However, at the same time, I was also interested in trying out the various flavors the restaurant offers (specifically Steak & Eggs).

After a while of thinking through whether we should buy a whole pizza or just one slice each, I spotted a small poster in their bulletin board about a lunch promo: 2 slices  of Regular Cheese Pizza that come with either a lemonade or a mojito for only P350. Not bad, considering the prices of the choices there. A plus also is that one of my friends felt that she could not finish 2 slices as well, so we divided the cost of the lunch promo between us. That means only paying P175 and not filling my stomach too much, yay!

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A slice of pizza from this restaurant is already filling, in my opinion. As for the flavor, even though I was interested in trying out others, I had no problem with eating cheese pizza awhile ago. I will always be game for cheese, but of course, I would still want to go back to try the other ones.

I found the lemonade too sour, though. But after a while as only a third of the drink was left the sourness lessened. Or maybe I just got used to it already, I don’t know.

WHAT I ATE: Pound by Todd English

I am currently an intern in a company in Bonifacio Global City. My co-interns and I do not usually eat out for lunch and just choose from the available food in the pantry in the office, but last Thursday, one of my co-interns and I felt that we wanted to eat out and meet with two of our friends who were also interns in the same location. So, we decided to try Pound by Todd English in Bonifacio High Street.

The food choices in Pound were affordable considering the other restaurants in the area and considering how the food we tried were really good. I also loved the ambience of the restaurant + the copper homewares they use.

I ordered an Amsterdam Burger (P280), and an Onion Cube (P120) for sharing.


Highlight: THE BEEF. Period. This is their bestseller, by the way. 


Highlight: The best part, in my opinion, was the sauce. It really took the onion cube to a different level. I also did not find the onion cube that oily. Plus, it is also good for 3-4 persons! Very very affordable, indeed.