WHAT I ATE: Salad Stop

I have been wanting to try Salad Stop for a while now thanks to the pressure of eating healthy and the people I see online raving about their salads and wraps. It was a good thing that my friend also thought of trying it out earlier. It’s as if she was able to read my mind! So we went there for lunch together with two of our friends. (Yup, salad. For lunch. Even I cannot believe I actually wanted greens for lunch.)

I ordered the Oh Crab Lah! salad (P260). I was about to have it in a wrap instead but I felt that it may be too heavy. The salad, in my opinion, could be already shared by two people. However, I was sooo hungry that time that I wanted my Oh Crab Lah all to myself.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I loooooove this salad. It’s very yummy, plus, it is really filling, unlike most that still leave me hungry.The only downside though is the calories. I love how their menu indicates the calories for their salads and wraps. Oh Crab Lah! though is more than 600 calories. And that is just the salad. If you get it in a wrap, it’s a whopping 800+ calories! Aside from the calories, the menu also shows the ingredients for their salads. I really had no idea why this type of salad has that many calories. That is, until I already had it in my hands. This signature salad has noodles in it, and that probably is the culprit that adds a lot of calories to the meal. That aside, this salad is A+.

I guess it is safe to say that I just fell in love with this salad spot. I am game to come back to try their other (less heavy) salads. They also have different types of yogurt and muesli which I am considering bringing to work sometime.

I am quite positive that there would come a time where I would be craving for their Oh Crab Lah!. I just hope it’s not tomorrow.


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