WHAT I ATE: Wrong Ramen

My friend has been raving about this ramen place in Burgos Circle for a while now and we finally tried it yesterday.

We went there at around noon and there weren’t enough available seats since we were 7 that time, so we had to wait. Lesson learned: Thou shall reserve seats beforehand.

Frankly, it took quite a while before we got a table that fits all of us since it was lunchtime, but my oh my, the wait was nothing once we were able to experience how right Wrong Ramen is.

Before I ordered something, I asked the waiter what their bestseller was. According to him, their bestsellers are the Tonkotsu Rich, Tantanmen, and Ebi Coco. I was torn between ordering Tonkotsu Rich and Tantanmen since I was not sure whether I prefer something spicy or not, but I eventually ordered Tonkotsu Rich when my friend ordered Tantanmen. I don’t know why, but there really is something in me that constantly pushes me to choose something different at times like that.

Some of us have also read about the offerings of Wrong Ramen beforehand and one of their desserts caught our eye: Poop of the Gods. According to their menu in the Booky app, it’s belgian chocolate with sea salt and olive oil. One of my friends also saw a photo of it on instagram and it somehow looks like you-know-what. However, when we asked about it, the waiter told us that it’s not available anymore. Sad. So much for a post-worthy dessert.

However, going back to the highlight of my Thursday, I did not regret getting the Tonkotsu Rich at all especially when I put some chili oil on it. I was really happy about my lunch and I would definitely go back to try their Tantanmen since my friend also raved about it. I heard The Communist is quite good too.

Processed with VSCO with se3 preset

Tonkotsu Rich (P395)

Their ramen could be shared by two people but we had a bowl each yesterday. After the meal, our bellies were very full we felt like we’re carrying something heavy in our tummies, but well, it was worth it. I am definitely not regretting having that bowl of Tonkotsu Rich all to myself.


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