Everyday Face Makeup Go-Tos

I do not really have that much in my make-up collection. I am still starting out and still learning how to put them on like a pro. Plus, I also do not have much of a budget to buy a lot of make-up at the moment, or rather, I prefer splurging on clothes instead of make-up right now, so most of the items in my make-up collection are drugstore brands.

However, when I went to the restroom upon getting home from a long day at the mall and had the chance to look at myself in the mirror, I instantly fell in love with the blush I had on then. That was also the moment I thought of writing about the face make-up products that I have grown to love so far, as I believe I am in love right now with enough products to actually have something to share.

I haven’t really tried more extravagant make-up looks so the products listed here are products that I love and use for everyday make-up.

FOUNDATION: Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse 


I have been using this foundation for a long time already. I find the coverage good. It also does not leave my skin oily and it holds up until the end of the day. I find this product really impressive. I use this when I go to school and there are times that I sweat a lot. Despite that, the foundation stays and does not turn tacky and sticky. It is also very light on the skin, and is very easy to blend.

POWDER: Maybelline Mineral Compact Powdermaybelline-pure-mineral-2-ways-healthy-perfecting-uv-compact-foundation-case-po1Well, I basically use this compact powder to somehow set my make-up and to keep my face less shiny. I find that it does the job well, though I am thinking of trying other powders like Rimmel’s Stay Matte Pressed Powder for the sake of exploration. The shade they have isn’t really perfect for me so I do not apply a lot of product on my face. Still a good product though! It goes well with my foundations (especially the Dream Matte Mousse) and does not leave my face cakey even after a long day. It is also mineral so it does not clog my pores.

I think this product has already been discontinued and replaced by a loose version.

CONCEALER: Shiseido Natural Finish Cream Concealer0730852105096This is actually the first concealer I have tried and I like it so far. It is really easy to blend and is long-wearing. Just a small amount of this product could already go a long way.

BLUSH: Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Colour in RD103


Now this is what I recently just fell in love with! I put my make-up by a lamp so when I first applied this, I was actually quite unsure of it as I thought it was too much and too pink for my skin. However, it actually just leaves a subtle peachy pink color. It really looks really pretty and natural, and the best part is that it lasted the whole day when I went to the mall. I do not really know yet if it would hold up that long when I go to places that are hot or when there are times that I become sweaty though. I just love this blush so much right now!

As I am still a beginner and as I prefer simple and natural-looking make-up looks for my everyday make-up at the moment, I have not explored bronzers, contour products, and highlighters that much yet.


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