PRODUCT REVIEW: Biorè Micellar Cleansing Water


I am not really sure where I first heard about this but I have heard that this was a good and well-known brand, especially now that micellar water is quite a fad these days in the beauty world. When I first saw this in Watson’s, I was ecstatic because I really wanted to add a makeup remover to my skincare routine and try the infamous micellar water. The best part though is that this one only costs P180!

According to the packaging, Biorè Micellar Cleansing Water:

  • Contains natural mineral water from japanese alps
  • Effectively removes makeup without clogging pores
  • Is non-rinse
  • Is clinically-proven to be gentle and non-comodogenic
  • Lifts off more makeup in 1 wipe, and;
  • Is light and refreshing

I have been using this product for more or less 3 weeks already, and it is only tonight that I feel I have used it to its full potential. I will tell you already that I am very lazy when it comes to removing makeup. Before I started using this product, I did not really use any makeup remover, aside from the one month I tried using Human Nature’s sunflower oil. I just relied on my AcneWin soap bar which was able to do the trick somehow at 80%.

Being the lazy me, I did not really use this product to completely remove my makeup for the 2+ weeks I have been using it. I just made sure that most of my makeup was gone and just trusted that my AcneWin soap would remove what was left on my face. When using this product, I use cotton balls simply because I do not cotton pads at home. These balls are quite small compared to pads and so it takes me a couple of balls to remove most of my makeup. Frankly, it feels like a chore for me. Maybe I should consider getting cotton pads already.

After using this product, I felt that my face was quite sticky and though it is said to be non-rinse, I felt that I still needed to wash my face with my soap bar. It was not that refreshing to me. I thought that this was because I did not really remove my makeup completely; however, tonight, it still feels the same even though I already tried completely removing my makeup.

What I like about it though is that it really removes my makeup and that it really is gentle on the skin. It does not sting even in the eye area, no matter how many times I try putting product on my face. Also, it is indeed very affordable.


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